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How to keep calm naturally

keep calm

keep calm

Finding ways to keep calm is the ultimate lesson in life. When you want to calm your anxiety over a work problem, or lower stress levels in your busy lifestyle, methods of keeping your cool become your best friend. When stress levels soar too high, your overall health is in danger, and so its absolutely imperative that you have your me-time, your meditation or your music to keep you calm. Whatever your reasons for increased stress, we’ve got the answers to help keep calm. In order to maintain a healthy mental wellbeing, follow these top tips to find inner peace and clarity.

keep calmBerries

Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries all contain the goodness you need to keep calm. Chock full of antioxidants and vitamin C, these berries can help regulate and prevent spikes in cortisol levels. Your cortisol is a stress hormone produced by adrenalin glands, and when elevated, can activate your stress levels. Higher cortisol levels raise your heart rate and blood pressure, and suppress your immune system when you’re anxious or nervous. In the long-term, higher cortisol levels can cause risks of heart disease, depression and insomnia. Eating a few berries as a snack, or popping some into your yoghurt or cereal can help you get calm, nice and naturally.

Herbal Teas

There are any number of herbal teas on the market to help you keep calm and serene. Everything from chamomile to lemon balm are said to benefit your state of wellbeing and help you keep calm. Drinking tea not only has health benefits for your body, but the act of drinking a hot cup of tea has a relaxing effect on our bodies. Chamomile tea is the go-to tea to keep calm, reduce anxiety and induce sleep. The falvonoid Chrysin in chamomile is a potent anxiety reducer, and is also useful for calming sore stomachs and irritated bowels.
keep calmLemon Balm tea might sound like something your grandma would drink, but fear not. The terpenes in Lemon Balm are what cause the relaxing effect that’s great not just for anxiety and insomnia, but also cold sores, heartburn and even Alzheimer’s. The lemon scent also helps to lift your mood and mental performance while lowering stress levels significantly. The Ashwaganda tea has been used as an Indian medicine for thousands of years, and we can see why! On top of providing a heightened sense of wellbeing, it helps to clear the mind and treat hypertension, severe stress and nervous exhaustion. Ashwaganda is a brilliant alternative, as it helps you keep calm without putting you to sleep in the middle of your busy day. Green tea is another herbal tea worth trying, as it contains amino acid L-theanine that enhances your mood, reduce stress and promote natural relaxation. Perfect.

keep calmExercise

The more you move, the more you’ll keep calm. Exercise releases endorphins that instantly lift your mood and keep you feeling happy and relaxed. Exercise also burns excess energy that stress hormones can create, which works hard to help you keep calm. Get into a routine with your exercise (for example 3 times a week), as this will help get your body into a calming rhythm that benefits your ability to actually stay calm. Yoga and pilates are fantastic exercises to keep calm, because they focus on breathing and relaxed stretching as key to the workout.


Listening to music can undoubtedly have a calming effect on your body and mind, as its something you connect with and feel relaxed by. Singing in the shower, playing music in the car or listening to your iPod can work wonders to help you keep calm. Music has been used for years to restore harmony between mind and body, and has been proven to reduce distress and anxiety in people who listen to music regularly. Music that is soft, slow and calming is best for maintaining anxiety levels, however it has been proven in studies that listening to any kind of music – so long as you enjoy it – will create a feeling of happiness. Taking time to sit back and do nothing except listen to music that calms you personally is a great way to keep calm and find your centre.

keep calm

Finding ways to keep calm is important when we spend so much of our time stressing about work and life in general. Having high stress levels can not only cause pressure on your body and immune system, but it also harms your mental ability to organize yourself in a calm and logical manner. Without elements of calmness and clarity in our lives, we no doubt find ourselves anxious and stressed more often, and so taking time out to keep calm is the only way we’ll stay healthy and maintain such chaotic and crowded lives.

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